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Tips to Enjoy Your Holiday Cheer

calendar, here are some ways to minimize the effects on your social agenda:

1. Eat before you drink. Eating a high-protein and somewhat high-fat meal beforehand will slow the alcohol from entering your bloodstream. Plus, if you’re full you are more likely to drink less. (If you’re lucky.)

2. Drink before you drink. Don’t drink alcohol to quench thirst. It’s very easy to quaff a couple of beers just to wet your whistle; especially if you just got off of work. On party days, be more conscious about drinking a lot of water throughout the day and drink one full glass before heading off to the soiree.

3. Don’t mix drinks with soda pop. Sugar causes the alcohol to be absorbed even quicker, plus the carbonation decreases your body’s phosphorus levels. The result is that you’ll get drunk quicker and have a worse hangover. Sweat 2 is a real bear under these circumstances!

4. Mix drinks with water. And even better, have a glass of water between each drink. This will offset the dehydrating effect of the alcohol. You’ll drink less and feel better the next day.

5. Have coconut water available. Coconut water is full of electrolytes, which will greatly help with recovery. Care in doing this post drinking (or even better, while drinking) will far offset the fashion faux pas of walking around a party with a water bottle. Follow these rules and you will not only do little harm to your program, but also be far less likely to wake up with a hangover.

And, of course, never EVER drive after drinking. Even one drink impairs your ability to function. Better yet, become the designated driver. I mean, after reading this, aren’t you looking for any reason not to drink? Now you can be responsible, avoid the alcohol without suffering any peer pressure, and you’re a social hero!

All this information and advice is given in the spirit of wishing you a happy and healthy holiday season—and in hopes that you have the information you need to achieve your goals and get more out of life!

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